Introducing SAIBRE

The most complete AI ecosystem on the market

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What is SAIBRE?

bot factory: real time suggestions

Data Platform

Import, model and engineer data from multiple sources to build reusable datasets.

bot factory: create models with a simple flow

AI platform

Create complex AI solutions by chaining multiple actions including custom code blocks

bot factory: add your own code to the bot

Runtime engine

Use our lightweight runtime to deploy a working AI solution quickly and reliably.

bot factory: get insights and reports to see bots at work

Smart monitoring

AI-powered monitoring tells you if there’s issues with your data sources or models.

Zero-Effort AI

Our guarantee of a successful AI transformation

Zero-effort Creation

SAIBRE allows you to explore your data and build models using a simple drag-and-drop interface. This is backed up by access to our team of data science experts.

  • Understand your data properly and ensure it supports your hypothesis
  • Easily share data between different models
  • Build and validate AI models with just a few clicks

Zero-effort Deployment

Deploying an AI model as a production application is time-consuming and hard, eating up valuable DevOps resources. With SAIBRE, all this is simplified.

  • Deploy applications to production with a single click
  • Access production applications via our powerful APIs
  • All powered by our patent-pending deep learning technology inspired by biology