About Us

Sonasoft Inc. is a well established, publicly-traded, company based in Silicon Valley. We have always been at the cutting edge of technology. Four years ago we transitioned into an AI-first company. Now we help enterprises to deliver e2e AI applications.

Since we moved to an AI-first company, my mission has been to eliminate AI debt and help enterprises benefit from AI transformation.

Mike Khanna
CEO Sonasoft Inc.


We believe that every company should be able to benefit from AI, but not at any cost. Our core values are there to help us deliver effective AI solutions without compromising on our ethics.


We simplify your AI transformation through our commitment to zero-effort AI.


Smart monitoring uses AI to ensure your AI applications are as robust and reliable as possible


SAIBRE provides flexible solutions with data reuse, custom code, and open APIs.


We will solve your AI debt as fast as possible without compromising on performance and reliability.


We focus on delivering ethical and trustworthy AI solutions that avoid bias and prejudice


We help you turn your AI debt into AI profit, monetizing your data and improving profitability

How we work

Our approach has been developed by working with large enterprise clients to deliver end-to-end AI applications. It builds on the well-known CRISP-DM framework for data mining.

Feasibility study

Feasibility study

This covers the first two stages of CRISP-DM. We establish your business objectives and explore the data you have available to make sure we understand if it supports the objectives.

Proof of concept

Proof of concept

We complete the process of data preparation. We build the required model and validate that it meets the business objectives. Finally, we prepare it for productization as an AI application.



We deliver your fully-functioning AI application. This is supported by our smart monitoring MLOps solution. That ensures that your application runs smoothly and monitors it for drift or other issues.


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