AI Solutions

Sonasoft leverages the most capable AI runtime platform on the market

Our AI Ecosystem

What Sonasoft can do for your business

We focus on four key verticals where AI can make the biggest impact


Finance companies have some of the richest datasets in the world. But often this data is locked up and unusable. We can help you leverage this data to deliver ground-breaking innovative products to your customers and end-users.
  • Loan default predictions
  • Dynamic risk scoring for investments


The retail sector is extremely cut-throat and is reeling from the impact of the pandemic. We can deliver solutions that streamline your operations and help you to deliver profitability.
  • Demand forecasting helps ensure you have the right stock levels
  • Intelligent elastic pricing made available for retailers of all sizes


The healthcare industry has often lagged behind other industries when it comes to technology. Steal a march on your competitors by turning to AI to power predictive supply chain logistics.
  • Dynamic pricing allows you to stay competitive and win customers
  • Forecast demand to ensure you optimize stock levels

B2B service delivery

The B2B market is tough. Your investors care more about ARR than features. With AI, you can understand your customer base better, using churn prediction to offer targeted deals to maximize ARR.
  • Smart lead scoring allows you to focus on the leads that matter
  • Churn prediction takes the guesswork out of financial forecasts

How Sonasoft works

We offer a flexible approach to delivering AI solutions

Convert your data into a revenue stream


Imagine if we could take your data and use it to create smart products. Imagine if those products could be packaged and sold with no effort on your part. This is the new concept of OEM AI. Turn your data into a new revenue stream today.

End-to-end AI solution

End-to-end AI

You probably know that AI transformations are hard. There are many problems from getting the data and training a model to deploying the AI in your business.That’s why we offer end-to-end AI solutions. Truly zero-effort AI transformations.

AI Data Platform as a Service

AI data PaaS

Did you know, the really hard part in any AI project is getting all the data in an accessible form for the model to consume it. That includes data migration and data engineering. This is where our Data Platform as a Service comes in.

Sonasoft follows a simple 3-step process

Gather the data

Gather the data

You need data to deliver any AI solution. But it is often scattered across systems in different formats. It needs to be found, collated, and analyzed.

  • You will work with our skilled data scientists during data discovery
  • We then do data exploration to test if the data can solve your business problem
AI Solution - find an alternative model

Create the model

Your AI solution needs a machine learning model to work. Choosing the best model to solve your business problem needs skill and experience.

  • Models are selected from the SAIBRE library and trained on your data
  • The model is validated and tested to prove it solves your use case
Productize the solution


You need to deploy your new AI application in your system. Sonasoft makes this easy, saving your DevOps team from unnecessary extra work.

  • SAIBRE offers one-click deployment for your new AI applications
  • After deployment, Smart Monitoring ensures the application keeps working