New eDiscovery Feature to be Included in Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Solution

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"Now, reviewers in an eDiscovery easily can exclude attorney-client communications or other emails that are protected by work-product immunity."

Sonasoft Corp. (OTCPK:SSFT) announced that it has developed a new eDiscovery exclusion list feature to be included in its email archiving solution.


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July 28, 2015 - San Jose, California, Sonasoft Corp. (OTCPK: SSFT), a leader in enterprise-class email archiving and eDiscovery software solutions, announced the development of a new eDiscovery exclusion list feature that will be included as part of its email archiving solution. This new exclusion list feature will allow reviewers the option to omit certain emails from being exported as part of an eDiscovery request. This feature will allow records that are protected under attorney-client privilege and work-product immunity to remain confidential and not disclosed. Sonasoft further developed an easy-to-detect method to identify these confidential emails. Reviewers then have the discretion to prevent these classified emails from being exported when it is proper to do so. This new feature is expected to be released later this quarter and will be at no-cost to Sonasoft’s existing email archiving customers.

“The review stage of an eDiscovery request identifies which documents to produce and which documents to withhold”, said Bilal Ahmed, CTO and Vice President of Engineering. “Now, reviewers easily can identify attorney-client communications or other emails that are protected by work-product immunity, which then could be excluded. Our engineering team has figured out an easy-to-use way for our customers to fulfill an eDiscovery mandate and still protect confidentiality. Anyone who has been assigned export privileges, which may include admins, auditors, reviewers, and HR executives, now has the ability to identify and protect confidential email from being exported in an eDiscovery request.”

“Sonasoft listens to its customers”, said Douglas MacKallor, Director of Internet Marketing. “We do our best to incorporate new features that solve real problems today. One customer has several thousand independent sales representatives that were employed by other companies. Frequently, the email associated with these independent sales reps also involved attorneys that represented them; these emails are deemed confidential by attorney-client privilege. Sonasoft then found a way to protect these independent sales representatives’ legal rights and still satisfy an eDiscovery mandate to produce certain email. It was through this customer engagement that Sonasoft developed this new exclusion list feature in its email archiving solution. Sonasoft offers enterprise-class email archiving and eDiscovery solutions at a fraction of the price that competing solutions charge. Sonasoft’s solutions offer excellent value for the money.”

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