Sonasoft Law Firms Email Archiving Solutions

Law Firms Email Archiving for Achieve Quick Recovery Of Emails And Databases

Companies in the legal sector use Microsoft products extensively. Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows servers are being increasingly used for corporate communication, for storing data and documents. Disaster Recovery and Compliance requirements require legal firms to implement solutions that are robust and reliable. Legal information regarding clients should be properly safeguarded and protected. Sonasoft’s solutions for lawfirms email archiving helps you achieve quick recovery of emails and databases.


Challenges Removed with Law Firms Email Archiving Solutions

Law firms are heavy users of emails and this makes Exchange server very critical for the business day-to-day operation. In many cases, law firms use Exchange server as a de facto document repository system. Hence it is very essential to protect these servers properly and implement reliable disaster recovery systems. Also, it is imperative to recover data quickly and comply with regulatory compliance requirements. Sonasoft’s law firms email archiving solutions eliminates these challenges efficiently.


Law firms data protection with Sonasoft’s Law Firms Email Archiving Solutions

By implementing the Sonasoft solution, law firms are able to achieve quick law firms email recovery and databases. Unique replication functionality provides the ability to failover to a remote server very easily. The web-based application provides the ability to access it anytime and anywhere, of course with proper security. By implementing Sonasoft’s law firms Email Archiving solution, one can find and retrieve email related information within seconds through sophisticated search technology.


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