Sonasoft’s solutions for Healthcare Email Archiving

Automate The Entire Backup Process And Reducing Backup Times

The healthcare sector is growing at a rapid pace and is mandated to meet the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Hospitals and healthcare organizations are faced with large amounts of data due to ever increasing patient population and also due to increased longevity. Health Care Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Compliance requirements require the sector to implement solutions that will help it to effectively operate without disrupting services. Sonasoft’s solutions for healthcare email archiving helps automate the entire backup process and reduces backup times.


Challenges in providing solutions for Healthcare Email Archiving

Companies in the healthcare industry must comply with stringent governmental regulations related to the confidentiality, transferability, and security of patient data. Healthcare organizations need to have access to patient records and other business critical applications all the time. All the information should be backed up reliably and should be made available immediately in case of a disaster. Traditional tape based systems and replication solutions are unable to meet the disaster recovery and business continuity needs of healthcare institutions. These challenges can be easily eliminated by Sonasoft’s healthcare email archiving solutions.

 Sonasoft Solution for Health Care Email Archiving

By implementing the Sonasoft healthcare email archiving solution, Healthcare institutions have been able to automate the entire backup process, reducing backup times by 75 percent and freeing IT staff hours for more important activities such as customer support. The easy, sub-minute health care data recovery made possible by Sonasoft has palpably increased the productivity and peace of mind of both IT staff and employees. Reliable replication and easy to use failover/failback capability has enabled organizations to have peace of mind.


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