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SonaVault 5.0 Email Archiving and eDiscovery Software solves real business needs. It is easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable.

Sonasoft recognizes that not all email archiving solutions are the same. Sonasoft strives to offer the best value and problem-solving innovation at an affordable cost.

With input from our customers, Sonasoft’s engineers have developed email archiving software that solves real challenges. These include:

 CHALLENGE: End User Adoption

An ROI on any software deployment depends on its end user adoption. “Do they use it?”, and “Do they like it?” are critical questions that need to be assured while assessing business software. Some archive solutions fail to make it easy for end users to access their own archived email. This creates a no-win situation with frustrated end users who then tax IT admins to fulfill pure drudgery requests like finding deleted or ‘missing’ emails.

SOLUTION: Outlook-like Folder Structure in the Archive

Sonasoft makes it plain simple to use for even the most technology challenged users. SonaVault 5.0 creates Outlook-like folder structure that mimics the end users’ Outlook client. If an end user deletes the folders in the Outlook client, all the email in those folders still remain in the archive; these email are just not accessible in the folder structure. In addition, end users can still run simple and power searches to find their archived email.


CHALLENGE: Competing Archive Solutions Slowdown over Time

It happens way too often. Competing archiving systems work efficiently when they are first installed, but then over time and several gigabytes later, they begin to bog down. A year of historical data later, these archives slow to a crawl. Searches can take several minutes. End users complain. Billable legal hours rack up. Deadlines are missed. No one likes molasses.

The problem is in the design. Many competing solutions stuff all the archived data into one oversized database. Searching these archive systems is like sticking a single straw into a data lake and hoping that it finishes before the day ends.

SOLUTION: SonaVault 5.0 Automatically Splits the Data Stores to Keep Archive Searches Fast

Sonasoft's Email Archiving Software includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server
Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Software includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition at no extra charge.

Sonasoft gets it. Speed with precision is everything. SonaVault 5.0 is powered by Microsoft SQL Server, and it is automatically configured to split the database into manageable data stores. (Admins also have the control to create manually new data stores or adjust the criteria to the automated process.) By having multiple and thoroughly indexed databases to the archive, SonaVault 5.0 is able to search simultaneously through only the relevant data stores. This allows for amazingly fast, yet precise, searches irrespective to the number of mailboxes or the size of the archived storage. SonaVault 5.0 remains nimble and fast over time. It also has a very light footprint on resources; 32 Gb of RAM is all that is needed. SonaVault’s architecture allows for searches to be saved and then refined multiple times. These efficiency increases the speed and accuracy to find only the relevant data needed.


CHALLENGE: Key Employees Quit; Their Archived Mailboxes Languish

Most email archiving solutions are designed to store old data for future reference, e.g. lawsuits and regulatory compliance. These competing solutions do not address the full benefits that archived email can bring to an organization. With these competing systems, new employees, as well as their managers, do not have access to the old employees’ archived email. These mailboxes become an airtight silo and are only seen when an administrator accesses the archive. Therefore, the wealth of data, which includes key customer accounts, contacts, policies, agreements, presentations, solutions, proposals, etc. as well as the breadth of each conversation, is lost. Key accounts could be jeopardized from neglect. Learning curves for new employees are prolonged. Needless to mention, this situation is not conducive for a thriving business environment. Competitors now have an ‘in’ to take business away.

SOLUTION: Keep Productivity & Business Continuity Up; Assign Archived Mailboxes of Past Employees to New Employees and Their Managers

Sonasoft recognizes the value add of an efficient email archiving system. The data wealth of a robust archive goes well beyond the scope of attorneys and regulations. Individual productivity and business continuity hinges on having access to quality data. SonaVault 5.0 allows admins to assign full access of past key employees’ archived mailboxes to new employees and their managers. This flattens the learning curve as new employees struggle to get up to speed. Managers are able to keep their finger on the pulse with all the needed details of different accounts until qualified replacements of key employees are hired. This wealth of historical data allows for all the needed particulars of past agreements, sales, presentations, and more. The archived email and all the attachments can be searched, read, and forward back to the new employee or manager.

Hard earned customers will receive the attention that they deserve, and they will perceive that the organization has its act together to bridge the gap when a key employee leaves. Competitors will have less of an opportunity to poach away the business when all the details are taken care of.


CHALLENGE: Time to Setup and Install

One of the biggest barriers to entry is the perceived time it takes to setup and install an email archiving system. Other competing solutions can take days, sometimes weeks, to set up and install. IT professionals usually have many tasks, all of them which are vital.

SOLUTION: One-hour Install

Sonasoft understands these time constraints. SonaVault 5.0 Email Archiving Software Solution takes just one hour to install and start archiving. SonaVault is a server-side, web-based application. No plugins are needed. Sonasoft’s PST utility automatically will ingest the collected PST files, which will free up an admins hands to attend to more urgent matters.

SonaVault 5.0 also offers a light footprint on resources. A server with 32 Gb of RAM that is running on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or 2016 (recommended) is all the resources needed.

Sonasoft’s archiving solution uses Active Directory (AD) credentials. An admin can modify the privileges, but it starts as a simple-as-pie way to get everyone started and using their own archive.



CHALLENGE: Public Folders are Not Always Archived; Remain Overly Public if Archived

Not every archive product on the market archives public folders. The solutions that do archive public folders often allow the content to be accessed fully by anyone in the organization. Unfortunately, employees do not always use the best discretion before placing content in public folders. Over-sharing, Facebook-like posts that are questionably appropriate (or flatly inappropriate) often make their way into public folders. Other sensitive data such as product roadmaps, financial projections, sales data, customer contacts, and even employees’ individual compensation data, etc., have been posted in these general access areas. The rudimentary tools of competing archive systems place organizations in a catch-22 of having wildly inappropriate data in the archive available to all or possibly risk an organization of being out of compliance if the offending emails are purged.

SOLUTION: Granular Access to Archived Public Folders

SonaVault 5.0 not only archives public folders, but it allows admins to control their access on a need-to-see basis. By placing a velvet rope around the archived public folders, organizations can stay in compliance and have peace of mind that inappropriate content will not be accessed and later reintroduced through the email archive or email system. This allows organizations to achieve compliance and archive public folders while limiting harmful exposure.


CHALLENGE: Archiving with Mergers, Acquisitions, and Domain Changes

Mergers, acquisitions, and name changes. These are all normal business practices. With every other archiving solution on the market, an admin will have to set up a separate email archive for each separate email domain. This is not a solution. It is cumbersome, costly, and highly user unfriendly. Discovery requests will need to toggle between the two or more archives. Combining the results is limited. Organizations will need to purchase multiple licenses of the archiving software, provide a server for each license, and devout resources to maintain this bloat.

SOLUTION: SonaVault 5.0 Supports Multiple Domains and Subdomains in ONE Archive

Sonasoft is architected to support multiple and subdomains into one archive. The configuration is plain simple. In just a few clicks, an admin can have multiple domains into one cohesive and integrated archive. This solution is ideal for industries that frequently have mergers, which include the banking sector. It is also well suited for government agencies that have different domains and subdomains within its email ecosphere. Searches for the same sender will deliver results from the different domains associated with that sender. SonaVault’s architecture eliminates the need for multiple licenses and multiple servers.


CHALLENGE: Microsoft Exchange Server is Bloated

There are many benefits of having an Exchange Server that has a reduced storage size. Maintenance, recoveries, backups, and restores to this mission critical application are quick and easy. Downtime is minimized.

Not all email archiving products are created equally. Most solutions will give some reduction to the storage size of the Microsoft Exchange Server, however with some solutions, this reduction is negligible. The built-in archiving functionality that comes with Microsoft Exchange Server actually doubles the storage size within the Exchange Server. That’s like putting four storage bins in front of a house. Some appliance solutions are locked boxes. These devices will reduce the file storage size of the Exchange Server but will create its own set of storage problems when the appliance runs out of disk space.

SOLUTION: SonaVault 5.0 reduces the file size of an Exchange Server by up to 80 percent

SonaVault significantly reduces the storage size of an Exchanger Server. SonaVault 5.0 not only offloads email from the Exchange Server, it also archives the attachments and links them back to the email that is still on the Exchange Server. This stubbing process is seamless to the end user and can reduce the storage size of an Exchange Server by up to 80 percent.

SonaVault 5.0 then compresses the archive to free up more space on the archive server, which allows for future growth on the Exchange Server. SonaVault’s single-instance storage (SIS) feature eliminates email duplicates of the same email, but maps these emails back to each sender and recipient.

SonaVault 5.0 software or appliances with either Dell or HP hardware is always expandable. IT admins are never locked into a box. SonaVault 5.0 makes it easy to export PST files just as it made it easy to import them.

SonaVault 5.0 not only allows IT admins to reap the benefits of having a lighter footprint on the Exchange Server, but it allows them to keep these gains without creating new storage issues on the archive server.


CHALLENGE: Archiving Legacy Data and Inactive Accounts with Office 365

SonaVault solutions are archive-ready with Microsoft Office 365
SonaVault solutions are archive-ready with Microsoft Office 365.

As more organizations adopt Microsoft Office 365 and host their data in the cloud, they find that there is an extra cost associated with their data and inactive user accounts. For compliance and other legal issues, companies are compelled to keep old data for as much as seven years or even longer. Yet, uploading old data into the cloud is slow and expensive. Quite often, there is a reoccurring hosting expense in addition to the migration expense. This can add up over the months.

In addition, data migrations of archived and production email into the cloud can often change the metadata in emails, particularly those of stubbed emails, and if someone migrates this data without the proper tools and knowledge. Having archived email that has been modified will jeopardize an organization’s regulatory compliance standing and greatly weaken the legal defense in the event of a lawsuit.

Microsoft also charges a full Office 365 license to inactive accounts. If an organization no longer pays for this license, the account is shut and the data is lost. This will not keep a company in compliance.

SOLUTION: SonaVault 5.0 Hybrid Features Allows for On-premise and Cloud Archiving with Significant Cost Savings

SonaVault’s hybrid capabilities will allow an organization keep its legacy data on-premise and store its cloud email into one unified archive, which is accessible from anywhere. Therefore, SonaVault solves many of the problems listed above at just a fraction of the cost. It keeps the integrity of the archived data clean, while eliminating expenses associated with data migration, storage, and Office 365 licenses for inactive users.


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