Sonasoft’s Disaster Recovery Exchange Solutions

Superior Point-Of-Failure Recovery Minimize Data Loss While Maximizing The Recovery Process

What is disaster recovery exchange? In business, a computer disaster equals an event that halts the normal operation of day-to-day business activities. A disastrous event can involve:

  • system malfunctions
  • operational errors
  • virus attacks
  • acts of nature
  • accidents or sabotage

Why is Disaster Recovery Exchange important

The result of such a disaster is that business stops – orders cease to be placed, accounting activities freeze, data is unavailable, electronic communications halt, and the company has no access to decision-critical information. All of these events cost companies revenue and may result in unrecoverable damage. A disaster and business continuance plan requires supplying a business with the tools necessary to recover data accurately and quickly after such a disaster. Any such continuance plan must be tailored to a client’s business needs. Disaster Recovery of Exchange for some businesses must be instantaneous, with no perceived downtime. Businesses of this type include medicine, where patient records must be available at all times, and the financial industry, where stock positions change continuously. Other companies can tolerate one or two hours of downtime. Very few can afford a downtime period longer than a few hours, and no company can afford the loss of critical information.

Disaster Recovery Exchange solutions from Sonasoft

Sonasoft provides disaster recovery solutions for Microsoft Servers that lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Sonasoft’s disk-to-disk system allows data to be stored on the same server, DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage), or IP SAN (IP Storage Area Network) using Sonasoft’s software as often as once per minute. In the case of a hardware or software failure, Sonasoft’s products can recover the information to the same or to a new server at disk-transfer and LAN speeds. For companies that cannot tolerate any downtime, Sonasoft’s Point-Click Recovery has the ability to create a redundant, stand-by server, able to go online immediately.


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