Delivering Robust And Flexible Protection At The Mailbox Level Without Compromise

What is data protection and backup?

Every business, big and small, encounters huge amounts of data based on the size of its business. The fate of each enterprise in the end depends on the data it collects, uses and transacts every day. With the explosion of data in today’s world where Internet and technology are ubiquitous, data protection solutions gain importance.

Delivering Robust And Flexible Data Protection Solutions – Sonasoft

Data protection solutions becomes very crucial for all companies, as it will jeopardize their survival if crucial data regarding IP, future strategy, products, plans, customer records, financial information etc. is not protected. Once the data is lost it becomes extremely difficult and expensive to recreate the data and the company may not survive after that. Regulations by federal agencies like the SEC mandate that companies in the financial sector keep the data intact for many years. Similarly, healthcare institutions and hospitals are required to keep records regarding the patients for a period of time.

Sonasoft’s Data Protection Solutions

Sonasoft’s value is that it assures the security of companie data, and also supplies the ability to recover the information as quickly as that business requires. This is “recovery at the speed of need.” The data protection solutions offered by Sonasoft not only archives and protects data but does so at an affordable cost.


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