Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Solutions

Delivering Fully Integrated email archiving solutions For Archiving, Data Backup and Recovery


Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving solutions includes the process of systematically recording and saving copies of email correspondence for records keeping and documentation purposes.

eDiscovery Solutions

SonaVault eDiscovery Solutions provide affordable, enterprise-class features that quickly retrieves electronic data or evidence (eDiscovery) that a judge my order during a civil or criminal legal case.

Data Protection

Every business, big and small, encounters huge amounts of data based on the size of its business. The fate of each enterprise in the end depends on the data it collects, uses and transacts every day.

Disaster Recovery

In business, a computer disaster equals an event that halts the normal operation of day-to-day business activities. A disastrous event can involve.


Virtualization is the abstraction of computer resources, and it hides the physical characteristics of computing resources from their users, be they applications, or end users.

Industry Solutions

Cover’s following sections: Education, Government, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Legal Services.