Free Download Osterman Research eDiscovery and Email Archiving Report

Free Download of Osterman Research Report on Email Archiving & eDiscovery

“The Growing Importance of Archiving Electronic Content for eDiscovery and Other Benefits”

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The goal of this white paper is to demonstrate the critical importance of electronic archiving as a best practice for any organization to follow. Specifically:

  • Archiving can be used as a primarily “defensive” capability to protect an organization from the variety of legal, regulatory and other external requirements that it will inevitably be called upon to satisfy.
  • Archiving can also be used proactively to make employees more productive, enable a better understanding of how a business operates, and manage risk effectively.
  • Archiving can provide hard cost savings that can be easily quantified, resulting in the ability to demonstrate a significant return-on-investment and a relatively short payback period.
  • While email is the most common source of archived content, a number of other content types are becoming important to archive.

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