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SonaVault Email Archiving & eDiscovery FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Sonasoft’s Email Archiving and eDiscovery Solutions

Does SonaVault archive pre-existing emails and offline PSTs?
Yes, SonaVault provides PST Utility which is used to archive existing emails and archive offline PSTs.
Does SonaVault support email archiving for multiple domains?
Yes, SonaVault allows you to archive emails from multiple domains.
How much space is required on SonaVault Server for archived emails?
The formula to determine storage space required on SonaVault Server = Size of all Exchange Stores + (growth of emails per year * number of years to keep emails).
How do end users access their archived emails?
Users can either login to the SonaVault Web Console using their active directory username / password or access it through the SonaVault Console link created in Outlook automatically.
How are emails captured by SonaVault?
SonaVault extracts emails from Microsoft journal mailbox and archives to the SonaVault Archive Stores.
Can search results be exported to different formats?
SonaVault can export search results to PST, EML, HTML or MSG formats.
What security levels are available to access archived data?
SonaVault provides role based web access to the console. By default every user can access their emails but an Administrator can assign access to certain users to access others emails.
How are PSTs archived?
Put all PSTs on any one folder on the SonaVault Server; launch the SonaPST Utility and specify that folder. The rest will be done automatically by the utility. There are no complicated steps.
How are granular policies like retention, stub, content identification etc. set?
These policies can be defined on an Exchange Server, AD distribution group and individual user level. Even custom criteria on an email level can be defined using any condition including but not limited to sender, recipients, date, keyword, message body etc.
Is there any notification on tempered messages?
SonaVault Archived store is well protected and no user has access to it. Only administrator who knows the credentials can login to the SonaVault Archive Store from the back end. Even if administrator tries to update or delete any record then original message is saved; activity is logged and shows up in the tempered report and email notification is fired off.
How are SonaVault Archive Stores protected?
SonaVault uses Microsoft SQL Server to create Archive Stores in the form of SQL Server databases. Native SQL tools can be used to backup SQL Server databases or SonaSQL product from Sonasoft can be used to backup / restore of SonaVault Archive Stores.
What is archived by SonaVault?
Currently SonaVault archive emails from Microsoft Exchange Servers and offline PSTs.
What versions of Microsoft Exchange Server are supported?
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 that includes both Standard and Enterprise Editions in normal and clustered environments.
Is SonaVault Server supported on virtual machines?
Yes, SonaVault Server is supported on a virtual machine as long as disks are pre-allocated for performance reasons.
What is Single Instance Storage?
If an email is sent to multiple recipients then SonaVault archives that email only once in the Archive Store.
Are emails stored compressed in SonaVault Archive Stores?
Only email attachments are stored compressed in SonaVault Archive Stores.
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