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SonaSecure Email Protection & Email Continuity with Anti-ransomware

Keeps a company’s email safe and available no matter what.

Real-time Email Security and Email Continuity Cloud-based Solution for Both On-premise and Cloud Email Systems; Protects against Ransomware

Ransomware and malicious URL protection special
As a part of SonaSecure, ransomware and malicious URL protection can be added for only $0.50 per user

Imagine the possibilities if an organization could save, scan, and filter all incoming emails for ransomware, phishing attacks, spam, and viruses before these emails reached the network or as an outgoing email left an internal sender’s mailbox without slowing down delivery. Also imagine if the company’s primary email server or delivery mechanism, (on-premise or cloud) went down, and the end users could still send and receive their email.

All Incoming Email: Protects Networks and Scans

SonaSecure scans all incoming email and attachments in real-time for all known viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing threats, and 99.9 percent of spam before the email enters an organization’s network. Emails that are marked ‘positive’ as a threat or spam are then quarantined in a protected section in SonaSecure that is securely outside of the organization’s network. Only administrators that have been assigned access to the quarantine may access those emails. If for any reason the administrator can still have quarantined email delivered as well as set up fine granular rules regarding allowed and blocked delivery.

Advanced Ransomware and Phishing Attack Protection

The FBI reports that ransomware is now a billion dollar a year crime, and it’s predicted to get worse. Ransomware can encrypt a whole network and shut down an entire company in seconds by locking the users’ infected devices. If the ransom is not paid or fixed, then the criminals can delete all the files on the infected computers, which include servers.

It is important to have a system-wide plan that ensures protection from ransomware, email viruses, spam, phishing attacks, email flooding, directory harvest attacks, denial of service attacks, and more.

SonaSecure offers six layers of security scanning to ensure a network stays clean. SonaSecure is a complete cloud-based solution that scans for ransomware, viruses, phishing attacks, spam, and malware in real-time with a 99.9 percent effectiveness rate. There is no need to download and install definitions. Users are never out-of-date.

SonaSecure offers URL protection. It prevents email users from clicking on dangerous URLs and directs them to safety. SonaSecure checks the backlinks in every email and then can disable them or re-write these links to ensure that a network is not compromised.

All Outgoing Email: Protects Data Leakage and Spreading Threats

SonaSecure also scans all outgoing email along with attachments as it leaves an end user’s mailbox and before it is delivered to anyone. This allows SonaSecure to protect networks from files that could have been downloaded from the web or from a free email account that bypassed the incoming scan protection. More importantly, SonaSecure will prevent data leakage and immediately alert to certain content such as customer data, social security numbers, credit card information, profanity, violent threats, and more. Unlike competing solutions, SonaSecure’s reporting is in real-time. IT admins will know the instant an alert is triggered.

Insanely Fast with No Downtime or Delays

SonaSecure is transparent to end users. Regardless of the number of mailboxes or size of the email, SonaSecure instantly scans all incoming and outgoing email in about the same time it takes to deliver an internal email. The end users will not experience any delay.

Platform Independent and in the Cloud

SonaSecure is a protected cloud-based application, so it is always up and available and hosted on a network of secure data centers. SonaSecure is also platform agnostic and seamlessly works with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook clients, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, and more. SonaSecure can scale effortlessly to grow along with a business.

Email Continuity to ALL Email

It is essential to have an email continuity plan in place. If the email system goes down, then employees should still be able to send and receive their email. Productivity is at stake. And, it is important to be able to keep every email that was ever sent or received no matter how long or severe the outage.

When a primary email server goes down, it often wreaks havoc to its business operations. Employees are idle. Customers are left waiting. Work is not getting done. SonaSecure ensures that an organization’s email remains operational. That means employees can both receive AND send email. (It should be noted that some competing ‘so-called’ continuity solutions only allow employees to view their email, which doesn’t allow business to be conducted.) End users only need an internet connection, and they can log on and access their email through a web-based interface, much like Gmail or OWA. End users even can upload and send attachments. After the primary server has been restored, ALL email is synched to the primary server and end users’ email clients.

Unlike other competing solutions, SonaSecure captures and holds (spools) a copy of ALL email for up to a 90-day rolling period. Some continuity solutions only capture email when the primary email server is known to be down. This creates two problems. First, these competing solutions might miss capturing every email, and theoretically can miss some of the emails during the outage. Secondly, end users also will only see a limited number of emails; they will not see the historic threads, in case some important email needs to be referenced. With SonaSecure, ALL email up to a 90-day period is visible to end users. Therefore, only SonaSecure offers complete continuity to the business operations when there is an outage to the primary email server.

With SonaSecure, no email is ever lost.

Another advantage to SonaSecure’s continuity feature is that employees can access ALL of their email at airports, different locations, and even in foreign countries. With just an internet connection, ALL email up to 90 days is ALWAYS available to employees regardless of the situation.

Compliments SonaVault, SonaCloud & Other Archive Products

SonaSecure is the perfect complement to both SonaVault and SonaCloud Email Archiving and eDiscovery Solutions. Sonasoft offers complete email insurance. Through our services, organizations can meet regulatory compliance, be eDiscovery ready, safeguard all their email, protect their networks, have email continuity 24/7/365, and migrate their email and data to another system or in the cloud. SonaSecure also works seamlessly with other email archiving and eDiscovery systems.

Large File Sending Capabilities – Prevents Leakage

SonaSecure allows end users to send and receive very large file attachments of up to 200 MB. This feature not only makes it convenient for end users like architects, artists (with large Photoshop files), legal team, etc., but also makes the network more secure. SonaSecure scans every attachment to ensure that it meets an organization’s security requirements. IT admins then can limit the use of some outside apps like Drobox and other online file transfer services that end users could use to bypass and compromise a company’s security policy.

Global Function: URL Defense, URL Rewrites, & Disclaimers

SonaSecure can verify URL’s within a document to ensure that they are safe. A lot of malware and ransomware are inadvertently downloaded by users who have been tricked to visit an infected website. SonaSecure can check URL’s that are embedded within emails that have links to known infected sites and immediately quarantine these unsafe emails. In addition, SonaSecure can be configured to change the anchor text in all embedded URL’s within an email and cloak the true address to the end user. This feature prevents users from copying and pasting an unsafe URL and thereby bypassing security. SonaSecure also can add global disclaimers and signatures to every outgoing email. This feature can help organizations meet certain regulatory compliance and give the legal department legs to stand on when needed.

Robust Admin Tools: Granular Policies & Control

SonaSecure empowers admins to set granular policies and granular access to SonaSecure. The robust, prebuilt policy questions within SonaSecure easily allow admins to achieve regulatory compliance that is specific to their industry. All predefined lists in SonaSecure are 100 percent transparent and can be examined in full. SonaSecure also sends all messages encrypted securely with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and enforces TLS on Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) internal hosts. SonaSecure’s use of TLS satisfies a FINRA requirement.

SonaSecure allows granular ‘allow’ and ‘deny’ lists. These lists can be set at the individual email address or to the global domain. All email sent through an allowed address are still scanned for potential threats. Unlike other competing solutions, SonaSecure has no limitation to the number of emails addresses in the allow list.

SonaSecure simple yet powerful granular interface allows admins to specify how much power can be given or denied to end users. Admins can set various policies to different users as needed. Some trusted power users can have as much control as needed, while other users can be set to have more guidance. SonaSecure syncs with the Active Directory to make general policies and logins a snap.

Intuitive User Interface; No Training Required

The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. No training is required for end users.

Inbound Routing to Region or Specific Country

SonaSecure can be set to retain email to regional and even country specific. Some regulations require that email be maintained within a specific region or country. SonaSecure can meet these requirements. Not surprisingly, SonaSecure has the flexibility to route email to different servers for different addresses on the same domain.

Outbound Routing to Smart Hosts

Just as SonaSecure has the flexibility to route incoming email, SonaSecure also has the ability to send outbound email to different smart hosts for different sets of users. SonaSecure allows admins fully to be in control.

All-inclusive Reporting Tools

SonaSecure comes with comprehensive reporting tools that empower admins even more. While other competing solutions have an hour delay or more in their reports, SonaSecure reports are in real-time. This allows admins immediately to know what is going on with their network and email system and if certain action is needed. SonaSecure also comes with an account dashboard that allows admins to know the current status with just a glance.

Always-there-for-you Support

As with all our products, Sonasoft takes pride in its dedicated customer support. Our always-there-for-you tech support and preventative approach has won over our customer base. Sonasoft’s tech support is always personal, friendly, and competent. We will work hard to ensure that any issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

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