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SonaCloud, Cloud-based Email Archiving & eDiscovery Solution

Secure, Expandable, Extensive, Maintenance-free Cloud-based Email Archiving Services

SonaCloud, Cloud-based Email Archiving Services is designed to harness the power of the Cloud to extend Sonasoft’s email archiving and eDiscovery services to organizations of all sizes, small or large. SonaCloud is particularly beneficial to organizations that do not have the bandwidth or resources for a dedicated IT administrator to monitor an on-premise email archive system. With SonaCloud, companies do not need to sacrifice performance or security with their email archives. Businesses can easily scale the number of mailboxes to archive as business cycles dictate, which allows the flexibility needed in today’s nimble organizations.


Demand for Cloud-based Email Archiving

Email is now regarded as a document that must be saved and produced as required by the law and numereous regulations. A recent survey by Osterman Research reveal that annual email growth rate is around 31 percent. This growth requires additional strain on an organization’s email server, which usually has a limited storage capacity. In the past, companies had to make hard decisions of limiting the storage size of the email or letting their email servers balloon up and suffer poor performance. As email archiving solutions, which allowed email to be offloaded from the email server and archived in a different server, became available, not all companies had the IT resources to implement such a system. SonaCloud, Cloud-based Email Archiving, is a solution that allows the organizations to have the benefits of email archiving without tying up additional IT personnel or infrastructure. Now all businesses and organization can achieve legal compliance and manage their email storage capacities through SonaCloud.

SonaCloud: Hosted Email Archiving Solution

Hands-free; All ‘In the Cloud’

SonaCloud will help businesses achieve the benefits of email archiving without any additional strain on resources. Since SonaCloud is ‘in the cloud’, there are no servers are hardware requirements as well as storage limitations. The amount of data and emails that can be saved on SonaCloud is unlimited. Similarly, there are no human personal required to maintain the application or install updates. Everything is ‘in the cloud’, so your feet can be firmly on the ground, and just use the email archiving. Therefore, businesses and organizations can focus on what they do best and never to be distracted.

Data is Safe and Available

SonaCloud uses Amazon’s worldwide data center which offers uptime of 99.999999999 percent; (that’s eleven ‘nines’ of resiliency). Your emails are there, available, always. SonaCloud replicates the email archive to eight (8) hosted data centers through its GlobalRAID infrastructure. SonaCloud superior data privacy ensures that there is no ‘co-mingling’ of data, so your organization’s email archive is secure as if it was on a on premise server. All internal and external email is secured with The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) military grade encryption.

Archives are Scalable

Whereas with some email archive solutions where the archived data is limited to one or two terabytes (Tb’s), there are no storage limitations with SonaCloud. IT Admins also are free to add or subtract users (and mailboxes) as per business need.

Granular Role-based Access Control

SonaCloud allows admins to assign granular roles to whom is allowed what type of access to SonaCloud’s hosted email archive. For instance, system admins have the power to assign a user to search within a specific search. Every search creates an audit trail that cannot be modified.

End-user Access

SonaCloud allows end-users to access their own archive. End-users can view, download, forward, and recover their own archive, which in turn, encourages them to archive emails from their inbox and free up the mail server. The SonaCloud intuitive interface looks and feels a lot like Outlook. Absolutely, no training is required.

Comprehensive and Fast Search Capabilities

SonaCloud has powerful, fast, and extensive search capabilities. SonaCloud searches all content including body and attachments. In less than a second, SonaCloud will produce over 5,000 results. Users can use ‘search wizards’ or advance search capabilities including Boolean Logic, Proximity Logic, Fuzzy Logic, filters, wildcards, etc. SonaCloud’s tabbed search interface makes it very easy for a novice or power-user to find the search tools they need. SonaCloud also allows users to perform searches within a search, which fine tunes a search while saving valuable time.


Single-instance Storage and Co-mingled Searches

SonaCloud performs co-mingled search across all content (email body, files, attachments, etc.) to obtain the best performance and data visibility. In other words, if it is in there, SonaCloud will produce it.

Review Capabilities

SonaCloud allows assigned users to mark emails for legal review or flag them for additional action. Admins can add comments and notes, and assign other users to review the flagged email.

Ease of Setup

SonaCloud, hosted email archiving, is exceptionally easy to configure. In about the same time as setting up a home wireless router, an email archive can be created. It takes just a few clicks, and it’s done. No plugins. No tedious setup. The web-based console allows admins to quickly configure the messaging servers, view reports, control user access, and manage the email archive.

Automatic Reporting Capabilities

With SonaCloud, an admin can create an array of reports that are automatically generated and then emailed to the assigned recipient(s). Reports can always be created manually with fine granular control over the variables of each customized report. SonaCloud can run reports based on the archive activity by user, date, mailbox, UI action, etc.

eDiscovery Compliance

SonaCloud not only ensures that the email archive is compliant to SOX, FRCP, FINRA, HITECH, SEC, GLBA, FRCP, HIPAA, NASD, SEC, and NYSE but it also streamlines any eDiscovery or compliance requests.

Retention Policies

IT admins can enforce customizable retention policies within SonaCloud that ensures that no data is lost or ‘accidentally’ deleted.

SonaCloud saves costs with Microsoft Office 365Office 365 Savings

SonaCloud has fast and robust eDiscovery tools that will save time and money when paired with Office 365. Laws require that all email over several years is preserved and produced as required. SonaCloud does not require old accounts in Office 365 to remain active. Instead of paying a full licensee fee for an Office 365 user account for an employee who has left the organization, SonaCloud archives the old email at a fraction of the cost. SonaCloud allows organizations to achieve compliance as well as save money and time. SonaCloud also comes with a full feature set that is specifically designed for eDiscovery. Admins are able to produce precisely what is needed in just minutes. SonaCloud therefore saves on license fees, IT resources, and legal costs.


SonaCloud is a client-agnostic. Admins can archive email from Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, iNotes, Gmail, IMail, Scalix, Zimbra, Kerio, Rackspace, and other email clients.

Import / Export Email into the Archive

SonaCloud can import legacy email through an easy-to-use import wizard. SonaCloud can also export the archived data to .pst, .pdf, .nsf, .eml, .html, as well as other email formats.

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