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NearPoint/Mimosa Data Migration and Email Archive Data Export Services

Migration Services: Export your NearPoint or Mimosa Email Archive Data to PST Files

Safely migrate NearPoint or Mimosa email archive databases to PST format through Sonasoft’s Data Migration and Data Export Services:

  • FAST: Extract up to and over 1 Tb of data per day
  • SAFE: Data integrity reports with verification Exclusive Innovation
  • FLEXIBLE: Range of extraction options
  • AFFORDABLE: Best price for quality service

Two-Step Migration Process: 1) Verification then 2) Export/Migration

Sonasoft’s Email Data Migration Services provide a two-step process to ensure data integrity with zero corruption. First, Sonasoft’s Migration Services verifies the integrity of the NearPoint and Mimosa Database. This allows for corrections of any corrupt messages prior to the migration process.

After the NearPoint or Mimosa archived database has been verified and corrected, then Sonasoft’s Migration Services speedily migrate the email archive into PST format, the industry standard. Sonasoft’s Migration Reports will check and verify the integrity of the newly migrated PST files. In the rare instance of any errors, a specific range of the migration can be run again to ensure the data is complete.

Simultaneously Import PST Data into Other Email Archiving Systems

As the data is exported, Sonasoft simultaneously can import your PST file data into another email archiving system of your choice. This closes the loop and makes for a one-stop-shop to export and import your data to ensure that your archiving requirements are timely met.

Export Services and Features

In addition to email, Sonasoft’s Migration Services export these NearPoint items:

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Tasks

Sonasoft’s powerful migration features allow flexibility in which data gets archived, e.g. by specific user(s), date range, etc. Sonasoft’s NearPoint/Mimosa Data Migration Services also can extract email and files in Public Folders as well as other data formats that has have been archived in NearPoint and Mimosa.

Legal Benefits

Do you know that having a third party export your email archive limits your exposure against lost and corrupted data? In the rare event that any of your NearPoint or Mimosa data is corrupted and cannot be repaired, Sonasoft will issue a report, and if necessary, an affidavit, that states the status of your data.

Key Features in Sonasoft’s Data Migration Services:

 NearPointstandard toolsSonasoftmigration services
Verify Database and Migration Process

Import data into other email archiving systems

Extract user archived email data that is still in the Exchange Server

Extract user archived email that was deleted from the Exchange Server

Extract email data that was ingested into NearPoint via a PST file

Extract PST email data that end users archived into NearPoint

Extract Public Folders data

Extract email based on data range

Migration reports with number of messages and corrupt messages

Reports for messages migrated and messages that failed migration

Migration Extraction Performance up to and over 1 Tb day

Average Time to Complete Migration of
1.5 Tb
Several weeks; sometimes
over a month.
One or two days.

Please note: extraction performance greatly will depend on the customer’s NearPoint or Mimosa environment as well as the type of data that has been archived. Regardless, Sonasoft’s Migration Services will complete in days rather than in weeks or months it would take by using the standard extraction feature in NearPoint.


The team did a fantastic job!

They worked a great deal consistently and were responsive to questions and flexible to our requests to pause processes when outages were needed. And, we have thousands of archives that we did not expect to have before this all began.

And, our New Year’s treat was completing this project so we can remove that system from our work lives.

Thank you all again for the hard work and effort of all your team.

– Kim Rodney, Assistant Director of Network Systems, West Virginia University on January 7, 2015

 Large Migrations Welcomed

For large migrations, e.g. greater than 20 Tb, Sonasoft’s Data Migration Services offer the option to include high performance hardware to complete the migration faster.

Price Match Guarantee

Sonasoft will match or beat any verified quote from a reputed vendor for comparable services.

To obtain a no-obligation estimate to migrate email data in a NearPoint/Mimosa to PST files, please contact us.