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Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

Affordable, Safe & Guaranteed Professional Migration Services to Microsoft Office 365

SonaMigration offers safe, affordable, and guaranteed Microsoft Office 365 migration services that allow an organization to migrate its mailboxes from an Exchange Server to Office 365.

Migration Model with Huge Savings

Cost-effective; risk-free; no downtime

Sonasoft understands that many organizations want to set up Office 365 with its internal resources, but do not want to undergo the time-consuming task of moving mailboxes over to Office 365. SonaMigration for Office 365 is a technical service that safely migrates all the mailboxes over from an Exchange Server to Office 365 after the IT department sets up and configures Office 365 to meet its organizational flow. This business model allows SonaMigration to offer its services with significant savings. Most competitors want to set up Office 365 and migrate its mailboxes, which leaves IT departments dependent upon their services. With SonaMigration, an IT department retains its knowledge and control over Office 365, but does not have to deal with the drudgery or the risk of losing data. SonaMigration also is seamless to the end users. There is no downtime.

Key Benefits from SonaMigration for Office 365

USA-based experts on call; users stay productive

Benefits include:

  • Zero downtime for users; end-users can continue to email during a migration
  • Affordable; usually just a fraction of the cost of competing services
  • A service with USA-based technical staff to contact
  • Migration includes email, calendars, contacts, public folders, signature blocks, and rules
  • Migrates from Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016
  • Supports hybrid environments with Office 365 & Exchange
  • Always-there-for-you technical support with progress updates and detailed reports

Key Differentiators for Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

Cost-effective; risk-free; no downtime

All services are not the same. Most Office 365 migration competitors only offer its software as a tool that requires an organization’s staff to do the demanding work. SonaMigration, however, is a technical service that has real experts who do the heavy lifting and are available for consultation throughout the migration process. SonaMigration is affordable and usually is at least half the price of competitors’ quotes. SonaMigration also has no downtime. An organization’s users stay productive throughout the migration.

 SonaMigrationalways there for youCompetitorsyou’re on your own

No downtime / Always up

Has downtime / Employees idle

Budget-friendly / Affordable

Premium price / Budget strain

Certified experts ready to talk to from the USA

DIY; use their software as a tool with your labor
Business Model

Encourages internal expertise while eliminating drudgery and error

Encourages dependency to continue its services

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Friendly and responsive

For nearly fifteen years, Sonasoft’s expertise is aligned with Microsoft technologies. Sonasoft has developed products and services around Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and cloud technologies. Sonasoft recently expanded its product proficiency to include email protection services with anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-ransomware capabilities. Microsoft certified staff is available to assist. Sonasoft is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA.

We look forward to earning your business.

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No downtime for the end users