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Data Migration Services! Export NearPoint / Mimosa Email Archive Data to PST Format

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Sonasoft FULLY Supports NearPoint / Mimosa Legacy Email Archive Applications

  • Reasonable Rates
  • Meet or Beat Competing Qualified Technical Support Quotes
  • Senior Tech Support Specialists for legacy NearPoint & Mimosa
  • Technical Support Quote: 1.408.708.4000

Trade Up! Swap Out Your Mimosa / NearPoint Support Contract for SonaVault Email Archiving

 At No Cost or Less (same or less than your Mimosa Support Contract)

Sonasoft's Email Archiving Software, a suitable replacement for Mimosa/NearPoint, includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server
Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Software, a suitable replacement for Mimosa/NearPoint, includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition at no extra cost.

Sonasoft feels your pain. Enough! Sonasoft has decided to end the misery. Yes, you have choices, and at no additional cost, your organization can upgrade from Mimosa Email Archiving / NearPoint Email Archiving Software and obtain:

  • A full version of SonaVault Email Archiving Software
  • A license for an equal number of mailboxes
  • Tech support that resolves your issues that day
  • A license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition
  • Free installation

Trade Up and Swap Out at the Same Price or Less!
All we need to get you started is a copy of your latest support contract for Mimosa email archiving / NearPoint email archiving stating the number of mailboxes as well as the time duration for support. That will be your price to obtain enterprise-class email archiving software with full support for the same time period. (Your final quote could be LESS than Mimosa / NearPoint support contract, but never more.)

Your Cost: Same as Mimosa Support Contract or Less

Experience the SonaVault Email Archiving Software Experience
Unlike Mimosa / NearPoint email archiving software, SonaVault includes a genuine Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition license for its data stores at no extra cost. Microsoft SQL Server is the industry standard, and its use ensures that your data is always safe and your eDiscovery searches are at lightning speed.

Email Archiving Done Right
Feel the SonaVault difference. With us, your IT Department will get all these benefits:

  • Reduce your Microsoft Exchange Server up to 80 percent
  • Archive emails from multiple domains or subdomains
  • Retrieve 100,000 emails in less than five seconds
  • Shed days off an eDiscovery search (and pay lawyers less money)
  • Meet an array of compliance requirements
  • Sample and monitor incoming and outgoing email for inappropriate content
  • Allow end-users to fully access their archive without plugins or training
  • Enable fine granular control and access to the archive
  • Easy import of PST files; easy export of the archive in a variety of formats
  • Hassle-free installation

Learn more about how SonaVault Email Archiving Software can empower your IT Department without breaking your budget, please visit:

SonaVault Email Archiving Software
Trade up, and swap out the Mimosa Email Archiving Software / NearPoint Email Archiving Software for SonaVault at the same price or less.

Trade Up from Mimosa Now!



Export NearPoint / Mimosa Email Archive Data to PST Files

Sonasoft is now offering NearPoint/Mimosa Data Export and Migration Services that allows admins to safely and quickly export their old NearPoint or Mimosa email archives into industry standard PST files. This data migration service can be up to 30 times faster than ‘free’ tools provided. Average user data migration can crunch up to and over 1 Tb of archived data per day. In addition, Sonasoft provides data integrity tools with verification to make sure that the NearPoint or Mimosa email archive data is error free with zero corruption. Powerful features allow flexibility in which data gets archived, e.g. by date range, user, etc. Sonasoft’s NearPoint/Mimosa Data Migration Services also can extract data in Public Folders that have been archived.

  • FAST: Extract up to and over 1 Tb of data per day
  • SAFE: Data integrity tools and verification reports Exclusive Innovation
  • FLEXIBLE: Range of extraction options
  • AFFORDABLE: Quality services with low price

To obtain a no-obligation estimate to export the data in a NearPoint/Mimosa email archive to PST files, please contact us.

Learn More about Sonasoft’s NearPoint/Mimosa Data Migration and Data Export Services