Mike Khanna


Mike Khanna is a senior high-tech entrepreneur with a background in sales and business development. With over twenty years of experience in the Silicon Valley, Mike has brought innovation to the industry. Mike and his team successfully created and launched six products, services, and solutions at Sonasoft.

In 2014, Mike quickly recognized the void for a need to migrate competing archiving systems, namely Mimosa and NearPoint, which led to a significant increase in Sonasoft’s revenues. Mike also successfully launched cost-effective migration services to migrate data from an older version of Microsoft Exchange Server to a newer version.

Mike’s business acumen led Sonasoft to venture into cloud-based products and services. Mike’s leadership was the force behind Sonasoft’s launch of SonaCloud, a cloud-based email archiving and eDiscovery solution and SonaSecure Email Protection and Email Continuity, which is also a cloud-based service that protects against threats such as ransomware. Mike currently champions the business development of SonaCloud 2.0, which will be the industry’s first customized cloud archiving and eDiscovery solution.