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Ingram Micro Reseller Program for SonaVault Email Archiving and eDiscovery Software

Welcome to the SonaVault resource page for authorized Ingram Micro Resellers. If you are not already an authorized Ingram Micro Reseller, then kindly sign up today!

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Benefits of being a SonaVault Reseller:

  • Attractive margins to reward you for your commitment to SonaVault
  • Deal registration process to assure that your sales efforts result in predictable recurring revenue
  • Assurance that your customers will receive always-there-for-you tech support
  • Multiple sales opportunities

About SonaVault:
SonaVault is an on-premise email archiving and eDiscovery software solution that is specifically designed to work with Microsoft Exchange Server environments. SonaVault’s strengths include:

  • Powerful eDiscovery tools that produce only exact emails very fast
  • Data export in multiple formats
  • Ease of use for end users to search and retrieve their own email through an Outlook-like folder structure interface
  • Simplifies life. No training is required and SonaVault is low maintenance.

SonaVault is powered by Microsoft SQL Server, which does an incredible job of keeping searches fast and the database nimble regardless of the number of mailboxes. SonaVault also can reduce the file size of an Exchange Server by up to 80 percent.

SonaVault meets most regulatory compliance laws and can prevent legal exposure through its content identification, sampling, and collaboration tools. Any email that is placed on legal hold will be safeguarded from expiration.

SonaVault can save money on inactive Office 365 licenses and still achieve compliance. The archived email of old employees also can be assigned to new employees. This feature increases productivity and flattens a learning curve.

SonaVault’s high value, ease of use, and compliance achievement makes it a popular choice with cities, schools, county governments, banks, and manufacturing.

System Requirements:
A dedicated or virtual server running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or 2016 (recommended) with minimum 16 Gb of RAM (32 Gb recommended for 1,000 plus mailboxes). Installs less than an hour. No plugins required. Supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2003-2016.

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