Mahesh Kumar Jain


Mahesh Kumar Jain is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Integra Group. Mahesh founded the parent company of the group, Integra Micro Systems, in 1982, and has been its CEO since the beginning. He is the leading architect and guiding force behind the Integra Group, given his good perception of the application and trends of technology.

Much of Integra’s growth since its inception in 1982 can be attributed to Mahesh’s vision and efforts. He has piloted the group that has emerged as a global leader in many ways. It is under his able guidance that Integra Micro Systems became the first to port UNIX on Indian hardware. One of the group companies, Jataayu Software, created in the year 2000, is a pioneer in wireless Internet technologies. Under Mahesh’s direction, Integra promoted the Foundation for the Advancement of Education and Research, a not-for-profit body that focuses on improving the quality of technical education and making it more accessible and affordable. Mahesh is presently focused on the development of technologies that enable financial inclusion, i.e. technologies that help integrate the vast rural population of India with the mainstream economy.

Mahesh has over thirty years of experience in the Indian software industry, and has seen the industry progress from its early stages to the globally recognized entity that it is today. Mahesh’s diverse experience includes software development, marketing, corporate leadership, and creating and growing organizations.

Mahesh is a Bachelor of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, 1975, and a Master of Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1977.