Sonasoft Corp., the Email Archiving Company

Sonasoft Corp., the Email Archiving Company, focuses its business on email archiving solutions and business continuity software and services. Sonasoft Corp is also a public company and trades with the symbol SSFT on the Over the Counter (OTC) Markets.

Company Overview

Sonasoft is the only business software provider that offers customers the choice of email archiving solutions. These archiving solutions include cloud-based services, appliances that feature DELL and HP servers, standalone software, and software as a service (SAS) for managed service providers (MSP’s). Sonasoft’s current direction is on cloud-based email archiving and cloud-based business continuity software and solutions. Sonasoft was founded to deliver enterprise level archival and recovery solutions for the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market. The company has created solutions that are feature-rich yet affordable and easy to implement. Sonasoft’s success is attested to by the highly enthusiastic installed base of reference customers.

Since launching in 2003, Sonasoft has invested almost $10M to develop software addressing Backup/Recovery and Replication requirements for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server as well as email archiving for Microsoft Exchange Servers. Beginning in 2011, the company transformed to focus its resources on the rapidly growing market for email archiving and eDiscovery solutions for on-premise and cloud operations.

Sonasoft Corp. is Public Company and is Trading

Sonasoft Corporation (OTCPK: SSFT), is a public company with SEC Reg. A clearance and is listed on the over-the-counter markets at with the trading symbol SSFT. As of Thursday, September 4, 2014, Sonasoft Corp. started public trading.


Sonasoft’s Experienced Management Team

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Jose, California, the Sonasoft management team includes over 100+ years of combined experience managing the growth of high technology companies, as well as developing and marketing computer and communications-related products as well as business continuity solutions. Sonasoft Corp. is led by Founder, President, and CEO, Andy Khanna, a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur.


Exploding Corporate Data

International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that digital universe (i.e. all the digital data created, replicated, and consumed) doubles every two years, and that by 2020 this digital data will grow to 40,000 exabytes (EB) One exabyte equals one million terabytes (TB) or one billion gigabytes (GB). With this in mind, it is critical that companies protect and archive their data.


High Cost of Downtime

Analysts also estimate that between 40% and 60% of all backups aren’t recoverable when needed. The outcome of an incomplete backup or failed recovery can be devastating with the high hourly cost of downtime. In a study of industries, Computer World reported a figure of 44,000/hour. TechWise Research figured the cost at $71,000/hour after 93 companies responded in a poll.

Data Protection The World Trade Center disaster was a wake-up call to corporate executives throughout the world to seriously evaluate the potential impact of a sudden and complete loss of computer data on the continued viability of their organizations. The importance of reliable archiving, replication, data backup, recovery, and security have never been as high a priority as they are today.

The cost-effectiveness of Sonasoft’s Email Archiving, Replication, Backup, Recovery and Migration software makes it an unquestionable value.


Being Compliant

Sonasoft’s Email Archiving, Replication, Backup, Recovery, and Data Protection software helps meet a wide variety of regulatory compliance requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act), SEC requirements, ediscovery for litigation, and many more worldwide governmental and company’s internal regulations.