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SonaVault eDiscovery Software & Tools

SonaVault eDiscovery Software & eDiscovery Tools

Affordable and Enterprise-class eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools

SonaVault eDiscovery Software & Tools

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools
Business and organizations faced with eDiscovery legal challenges need effective tools to gain compliance quickly and thoroughly. SonaVault eDiscovery Software Tools, which are a part of SonaVault Email Archiving Software, are powered with Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition at no additional cost. This allows enterprise-class searches and data management for compliance purposes.

SonaVault: eDiscovery Software & eDiscovery Tools

eDiscovery Legal Hold

SonaVault supports legal holds as part of the retention policy through the use of case management. A case refers to an internal dispute or a legal situation that an organization is involved in. Email correspondence relevant to such cases can be organized efficiently through the SonaVault archival system. Case management is carried out through the following steps:

  • Register the cases the organization is involved in
  • Identify people who work on the case
  • Identify email that needs to be tracked
  • Store the identified email in case-specific folders till the case is closed
  • Export emails to various formats including PST, PDF, EML, html or MSG

An IT admin can add, edit, or close a case. An individual email can be removed from a case folder if the email is not necessary for the case. The user who adds a case is identified as the owner of the case. Only the owner can close the case.

Emails identified to be relevant to any case are locked; they are not purged in spite of the applicable retention policy. When a case is removed, all the emails relevant to the case get unlocked and become available for purging as per the corresponding retention policy.

A user can automatically apply legal holds to data identified as relevant to a case or multiple cases to ensure that it will not be deleted. Data on multiple legal holds will not be released until the last legal hold has been lifted. Once the case is closed, normal retention policies will be applied to the emails associated with the case.

Legal is provided with the tools to quickly and efficiently identify relevant information for early case assessment. Items can be flagged automatically or manually based on the defined policy using keywords or phrases criteria or search results. Multiple reviewers can be assigned to review content identified by the SonaVault eDiscovery search and content identification process. Reviewers can then mark messages, add notes, escalate, or close them. Sampling helps to comply with the regulation where all emails needs to be reviewed in the system. One such example is the FINRA regulation.

eDiscovery Retention Policy Management

Retention policies determine the lifetime of the emails that remain in the SonaVault Email Archive Server. There are two types of retention policies, global and custom. Global policy is applied on an organizational level and is processed for all emails. For e.g. SEC 17a dictates that emails should remain on the system for seven years. So, global policy can be set to seven years. Custom policies can override global policies and can be used to expire unwanted (for e.g. SPAM or subscription) email prior to the global policy period.

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools meets industry-defined retention policy requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act), Security Exchange Commission (SEC) Requirements, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), etc.

With SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools, IT administrators can create different groups and define the retention policies according to each group. For instance, if an education center only wanted to hold emails from students for three years, but wanted to retain the emails from faculty and staff for seven years, then it can create multiple groups and assign different retention policies unique to each group.

eDiscovery Comprehensive Audit Trail Tools

Every single operation of the SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools console is fully audited to ensure the proper usage of the system. It keeps track of users to ensure unauthorized policy changes.

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools also saves all the search queries performed by any user with any role for auditing purposes. Those search queries (date searched on, searched by and query) can be viewed through ‘Search Audit’ report. Any emails that are deleted or modified, even by the administrator, are also noted in the audit report. The users’ successful as well as failed login attempts are also recorded at each time-stamped interval.

Tamper Proof OS and Storage eDiscovery Software Tools

Another security feature is that SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools makes the archived emails tamperproof. The archive is stored compressed with a locked algorithm and any attempts to modify the archived email immediately will be recorded and an alert will be sent along with a copy of the original email.

Full eDiscovery Indexing & Archiving Tools

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools fully indexes all incoming and outgoing emails and attachments. SonaVault achieves this through Microsoft SQL Server Full Text Search Engine, which automatically indexes all content including the email’s header, message, and attachments. Unlike competing solutions that use proprietary databases and sometimes miss indexing attachment, SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools indexes every portion of the email. Nothing is omitted.

The SonaVault agent also reliably extracts all email messages and attachments by connecting to the journal mailbox and then archiving to the SonaVault Server. Messages are never missed even if an end user deletes the message from his or her mailbox. Messages are only deleted from the journal mailbox after they are successfully archived. Messages and attachments from multiple Exchange Servers can be archived simultaneously. Since SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools captures every email in the journal mailbox, one customer was able to make an emergency recovery and restore ‘lost email’ from the SonaVault Email Archive when the Exchange Server was disabled and experienced corruption with its data stores.

eDiscovery PST Import Tools

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools includes a PST importer tool that will allow an IT admin to import all existing PST files or existing emails on the Exchange Server prior to installing SonaVault. Once these old PST files and email enter the archive, they are fully indexed. Individual users will no longer need to manage their own ‘personal’ PST ‘archive’. All past emails will be available to the end user and to the IT admin. This importation ensures integrity of the archive and transparency as well as efficiency should the need arrive to produce certain emails.

Comprehensive eDiscovery Fast Search and Retrieval Tools

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server
SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition at no additional cost.

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools comes with a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition. By integrating Microsoft SQL Server technology in Sonasoft’s eDiscovery solutions, IT admins can automatically have the database split into multiple data stores through a simple scheduled policy. Having the database divided into multiple segments, SonaVault searches simultaneously through these data stores and retrieves 1000,000 emails in less than five (5) seconds. In contrast, competing eDiscovery search tools that use proprietary databases cannot easily, if at all, split up the database. These searches from competing brands are done synchronously. When the database is still small, the results are reasonable. After some time, and several million emails later, each search can take up to ten minutes are longer. One competing eDiscovery software solution only can retrieve 5,000 emails per search. This requires the IT admin constantly to run multiple searches, which can consume hours, even days, of time.

Power of eDiscovery Software Advance Searches

Authorized personnel can leverage SonaVault eDiscovery Software to run searches across archived content as needed for a particular matter. Searches can be executed based on multiple criteria, including custodian, date range, classification, and keywords, utilizing Boolean fields and attachment types to shape results. Conversation threading, and various filter capabilities offered in a guided review can increase the search power to retrieve exactly what is needed, quickly. In addition, search data fields are stored as a single instance in the archive, further increasing efficiencies and reducing cost. This gives the organization options, secured by rights, to run preliminary and test searches, isolate proprietary content from case audit trails, or export selected item sets for review by outside counsel.

eDiscovery Tools to Restore Messages to Inbox or Export to PST, PDF, or Printer

SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools provides flexible options, so they are ready to be produced directly to a requesting party or exported to third party vendors or outside counsel for further analysis. Through the flexible options within SonaVault eDiscovery, all items can be produced in their native original file formats, including Microsoft Exchange MSG and PST formats. An IT admin can forward the archive email back into an inbox and then print the selected archived email on either paper or PDF format. For legal compliance, all emails can be exported to a write-once-read-many (WORM) drive making SonaVault eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Tools compliant to most government regulations including FINRA, SOX, FISMA, etc.

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