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SonaVault Email Archiving Software

SonaVault Email Archiving Software

Affordable and Enterprise-class Email Archiving Software for Microsoft Exchange

SonaVault Email Archiving Software

SonaVault Email Archiving Software helps today’s businesses continuity needs as they place an increasing reliance on email. Organizations conduct almost 97% of business communications via email. Email serves as an essential communication tool at every level. Emails today contain a host of valuable and highly sensitive information that needs to be stored, retrieved and viewed on demand. Email archiving is used to systematically record and save information contained in email correspondence to meet these requirements. Email archiving delivers a host of benefits including storage email management, regulatory compliancy support, eDiscovery requirements as part of litigation requests and litigation hold to achieve regulatory email compliance and operational excellence. Core to the success of small enterprises is an integrated email archiving management strategy, which can be deployed quickly with minimal impact to the existing network environment.

SonaVault: Email Archiving Software

Sonasoft delivers a new generation of email archiving solutions. SonaVault is a stand-alone, software based, powerful and comprehensive email archiving software for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013. It enables organizations to compliance archive, search and retrieve emails to achieve regulatory email compliance and operational excellence. SonaVault Provides seamless access to messages using standard policies, enabling administrators, auditors and end-users quick retrieval of any email stored in Archive with flexible export options.

The Email Archiving software provides roles-based web interface for controlled access. This allows every operation to be fully audited to monitor the usage of the system. Extensive reporting capabilities provide email compliance, storage, data leakage and auditing information.

SonaVault for Email Archiving uses built-in Microsoft SQL Server technology to encrypt and archive all emails sent or received through an Exchange Server. It has been designed to facilitate secure email archiving and retrieval for storage email management and eDiscovery.

SonaVault Email Archiving Software Specializes in Several Key Areas:

1. Storage Email Archive Management
Microsoft Exchange Servers are deployed worldwide in many countries and organizations. It is not only used as an email server but also as a system to store and manage documents. This places an ever-increasing demand on the server which can result in performance degradation. SonaVault for Email Archiving delivers a fully integrated portfolio of features and tools to lighten a data encumbered Microsoft Exchange Server. The resultant effect is an improved efficiency, performance, and better storage email management solution.

SonaVault uses stub technology without any client side component (plugin) installation to reduce the size of the Microsoft Exchange Server. In this process, message contents including attachments are removed from the email and a pointer namely stub is created in the email body which has a small footprint compared to the actual message size. This is transparent to the end-user who access emails through Outlook in the usual fashion. Stubbed emails when replied or forwarded, retrieve contents from the SonaVault Store instead of the Microsoft Exchange Server, seamlessly to the end-user.

In addition, SonaVault archives messages in Single-Instance-Storage form while message attachments are in compressed format. SonaVault’s stub technology reduces and keeps Microsoft Exchange Server Storage from growing out of proportion. This reduces Microsoft Exchange Server backup cycle and faster recovery in the case of a crash resulting in an operational excellence.

2. Outlook-like Folder File View in Email Archive New! Available Q2 2015
End users can view their archived email with a Microsoft Outlook-like look and feel. SonaVault Email Archiving and eDiscovery Software automatically will synchronize the folder structure in the archive to match the same view as the end users’ Microsoft Outlook mailboxes. When end users create new folders or make other file structure organizational changes within their Outlook client, SonaVault will replicate those updates within the archive interface. SonaVault’s folder-file view feature will assure IT managers that even the most technically challenged users will have no resistance to adopt and search their own archive, and it also guarantees that zero training resources are needed to roll out SonaVault Email Archiving to an organization. The Outlook-like Folder File View Feature is exclusively server-side. Absolutely, no plugins or set up resources are required.

The Microsoft Outlook-like Folder View Feature will be available in Q2 2015.

Related Press Release 2/10/2015: Announcing Outlook-like Folder Structure View Feature in SonaVault Email Archiving

3. Non-Proprietary Archive Stores – Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition

Sonasoft's Email Archiving Software includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server
Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Software includes a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition at no extra charge.

All features and functionality in our email archiving software are standard. No extra modules need to be installed. SonaVault uses non-proprietary archive stores (Microsoft SQL) to facilitates easy integration with third party tools. Our archiving software solution includes an appropriate number of Microsoft SQL Sever Standard Edition Client licenses.

4. Continuous Email Archiving Compliance Software
When used in conjunction with Sonasoft’s email archiving software, continuous email archiving can be achieved without the loss of emails even after the Primary Exchange Server switches over to the Standby Exchange Server. This is due to the fact that the Standby Exchange Server is always online with a pre-configured archiving agent which will start archiving as soon as it assumes the primary active – role.

With competing solutions, the standby server does not go online until ‘active’ is taken offline. In these cases, when the standby server becomes the online server, archiving needs to be configured. As a result, no emails will be archived during this ‘gap’ period. With SonaVault’s email archiving software solution, all emails are archived and no ‘gap’ period exists when the Primary Exchange Server is switched over to the Standby Exchange Server.

5. Secure and Guaranteed Email Archiving Enterprise Feature
The SonaVault Email Archiving software solution employs reliable safeguards including encryption to ensure that the email is tamper-proof without the possibility of being altered. Our secure archiving solution is achieved through encryption and hash calculations to determine the tampering of emails. SonaVault uses Microsoft’s Journaling mechanism to extract and archive messages. This ensures that every message which goes out and enters an Microsoft Exchange Archiving Server is archived even if the message is deleted by the user from his or her mailbox.

Furthermore, SonaVault extracts messages out of the journal mailbox, digitally signs it, compresses, encrypts and then archives it to SonaVault Archive Stores. Once the messages are successfully archived, they are deleted from the journal mailbox.

6. Archive Existing Emails and PSTs
SonaVault provides the ability to archive existing emails on the Microsoft Exchange Server and migrate all existing personal store (PST) file data into the archive repository. This will enable organizations to eliminate PST file proliferation across their environment, thus resulting in better email and data storage email management.

7. Multi-Domain Email Archiving and Access Exclusive Innovation
One archive server can be used to archive emails from users in multiple domains (from a child or completely different domain). Users from different domains can be authenticated and provided login access to the SonaVault web console. This unique capability is extremely useful in situations where companies are acquired or spun off and operates as a separate domain where emails are stored on different Microsoft Exchange Servers. No other email archiving software solution has this feature.

8. Installation is Fast, Transparent, and Simple Distinguished Feature
SonaVault email archiving software is designed from the ground up for easy installation, for organizations of all sizes which utilize physical and/or virtual servers. In fact, the average installation time is less than three hours with servers running the most current Microsoft software. Moreover, since there are no client-side plugins, email archiving will begin immediately. There is no delay. The change will not be noticed by end-users who will continue to operate without interruption as the automatic archiving occurs. The end-users also will be able to access their archived email seamlessly.

The average install time for SonaVault email archiving software can be quantified in three steps:

  1. Installing SonaVault archive and archiving new emails: Less than 2 hours
  2. Setting up organizational policies for archiving of existing emails and
    offline PST files: 30 minutes
  3. Setting up the email archiving stubbing policy: 30 minutes

9. eDiscovery Needs Enterprise Feature
In a court of law, there is little differentiation between paper-based documentation and email being used as admissible documentation. Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) refers to the process in which electronic data in required with the intent of using it as evidence. SonaVault delivers a practical solution to retrieve tamper-free emails on-demand using simple and advanced search mechanisms. In addition, searches can be customized using a state-of-the art Query Builder which further aids in the process of locating specific emails. Powerful search features in our email archiving software include ‘keywords’, ‘Boolean’, ‘regular expressions’, and ‘phrase searches’. All eDiscovery is accomplished through sampling, content identification, and review management, as well as support of the write once read many (WORM) drive.

10. Regulatory Email Compliance Requirements
SonaVault for Email Archiving software for Exchange helps meet a wide variety of regulatory email compliance requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), SEC requirements, Federal Information Security Act (FISMA), The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Basel II, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and many more worldwide governmental regulations.

The resultant effect of an integrated and flexible email archiving software solution translates into an increase in employee and company efficiency. This coupled with high-performance and a fully functional feature set, results in streamlined email management and a reduction of the burden placed on IT staff. SonaVault from Sonasoft provides the user with more control over corporate email while reducing cost, complexity, and risk.

11. Content Identification, Sampling & Review Management Enterprise Feature
SonaVault provides tools to quickly and efficiently identify relevant information for various purposes. Content can be flagged automatically or manually based on defined policy by using keywords, phrases, or search results. Organizations have the option to utilize tools that would flag email content to be reviewed by an administrator.

12. Support of WORM Drive Enterprise Feature
Our email archiving software, SonaVault, can archive multiple copies of the emails, one copy is stored in Microsoft SQL Server and the second copy is stored in a daily folder on the file system which can be easily copied to the write once read many (WORM) drive to meet government regulations like Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Federal Information Security Act (FISMA), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX),  The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Basel II, SEC requirements, and other compliance requirements.

13. Role-Based Access Enterprise Feature
Access to every screen and granular functions on SonaVault Console can be controlled through a role. This role can be assigned to an individual or group of users to limit their access to the system based on their needs, role, or function.

14. Auditing Enterprise Feature
Every single operation of the email archiving software console is fully audited to ensure the proper usage of the system. It keeps track of users to ensure unauthorized policy changes or searches on the system do not take place.

15. Reporting Enterprise Feature
Powerful and rich user-friendly reporting tools are provided to monitor the usage of the system. These reports include email statistics, email compliance, data leakage, storage email management, and much more.

The Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Software Solution
SonaVault is designed to meet operational excellence, Storage Email Management, Mailbox Email Management and regulatory email compliance needs such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), now known as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). SonaVault captures all incoming, outgoing and internal emails and stores them in archive databases as a Single Instance Store (SIS). Also, by use of stubbing message contents, including attachments, will be saved in the archive database leaving behind a small pointer, namely stub in the body of the email. This approach can reduce the size of the Microsoft Exchange Server by up to 80%. SonaVault seamlessly supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013. SonaVault provides the ability to migrate all existing PST file data into the archive repository. This will enable SMB’s to eliminate PST files proliferation across their network, resulting in improved email management.

Note: Sonasoft’s email archiving software solution for Exchange Servers was originally branded as SonaSafe. Sonasoft’s email archiving software solution  is now called SonaVault.

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